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Net Positive Education

Our approach to school design leverages the rigor of a net zero energy design process and taps innovative, evidence-based research to create sustainable, high-performance schools that boost educational outcomes. We’ve trademarked the name for this dual pursuit of dramatic energy reduction and high-performance learning environments: Net Positive Education.

This approach promotes health and well-being within exciting and dynamic learning environments that help teachers to better educate their students, and students to engage, understand, and ultimately to learn. It also goes beyond a school’s daily educational mission to bolster the resiliency of kids’ families and their community at large. This video, with additional links below, explains more about the power and promise behind Net Positive Education.


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Net Zero Energy to Net Positive Education

John Lewis Elementary School is leading the
way on energy, health, and well-being

High-Performance Learning Environments

Our interdisciplinary research is connecting design to education outcomes

Designing for Equity

Design can create communities and environments where everyone is respected and welcome

What Net Positive Education Looks Like

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