Senior Living 6

Senior Living

The built environment can improve quality of life for all.


Architecture + Planning

Attuned to the needs and desires of aging people as well as the organizations that serve them, we develop strategic plans and designs that accommodate both. We create flexible and technologically advanced new spaces and upgrade existing buildings in phases that don’t disrupt care services. Helping people get the care and amenities they deserve for their next chapter is at the heart of our approach.


Interior Design

Our collective of interior designers possess distinct passions and unique backgrounds. Professionally trained in architecture and interior design, they’ve earned professional licensure across the United States and are LEED and WELL accredited. We’re enthusiastic advocates of sustainability and practice design with our responsibility to the environment in mind. Our award-winning work spans the globe with a design philosophy rooted in creating a story, an experience, and a strong sense of place.

Our designers believe in the seamless integration of architecture and interior design with a keen focus on having a positive impact on people’s lives through the environments we design. This work is imaginative, intelligent, inspiring, timeless yet timely, and embodies our core belief in Human by Design.



International Senior Living

The concept of senior living is new in many of the countries where we’re working. Traditionally, aging parents, grandparents, or other relatives live with their families. Modern life—particularly for the educated and successful younger generations in rapidly developing countries such as China and India—is changing this dynamic. Our holistic approach, which blends innovative design, community development, and sustainability, sets new standards for senior living environments and emphasizes our profound commitment to the wellbeing of the aging population.


Helping seniors form bonds,
live with like-minded peers

Blending top-rate care within
a hospitality-rich setting

Senior living workplace design
must include the caregivers


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