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Live! Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA

Live! Casino Hotel Philadelphia is the latest addition to the South Philadelphia sports and entertainment district.

Live! Philadelphia Hotel & Casino seamlessly blends modern design with the vibrant spirit of the city. The structure, a striking amalgamation of sleek lines and contemporary aesthetics, captures the essence of Philadelphia’s dynamic urban landscape. With a façade that marries glass expanses and metallic accents, the building’s sleek profile is a harmonious addition to the city skyline, reflecting the energy that pulsates within. As daylight transitions to night, the structure transforms into a luminous beacon, creating an iconic presence that beckons visitors to indulge in the excitement that lies within.

Upon entering the expansive atrium, guests are greeted by a grandeur that transcends expectations. A palette of sophisticated neutrals is punctuated by bold accents, creating an atmosphere that is both chic and inviting. The open layout encourages a fluid movement, allowing guests to effortlessly navigate between the various entertainment zones.

Beyond gaming and accommodations, Live! Philadelphia offers a range of amenities to enhance the experience. The selection of lively bars, lounges, and live entertainment venues ensures that every guest enjoys a personalized and memorable experience.

The casino floor, a masterpiece of spatial planning, is a symphony of lights and sounds. High ceilings and strategically placed skylights enhance the sense of openness, while state-of-the-art gaming stations and interactive displays captivate the senses. Every facet of its design reflects a commitment to providing guests with an unparalleled experience, where the architecture itself becomes an integral part of the allure and excitement.

The hotel boasts a sleek and contemporary design. Carefully crafted rooms and suites are adorned with premium materials and thoughtfully selected furnishings. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the cityscape, providing a visual feast that complements the luxurious interiors.

This project was completed by BLTa prior to becoming a Perkins Eastman Studio.

Project Facts

  • Client:

  • Cordish Companies
  • Size:

  • 1.5 million total sf
  • Services:

  • Architecture
  • Project Partner:

  • Klai Juba Wald, casino interior designer
  • Sustainability :

  • LEED Certified
  • Markets:

  • Hospitality, Sport + Entertainment
  • Region:

  • United States
  • Studios:

  • Philadelphia


  • Best Overall Gaming Resort in Philadelphia, Casino Player Magazine
  • 2021 Hospitality Award, Metal Construction News
  • 2021 Best Hospitality Project, General Building Contractors Association