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Garden Court Plaza

Philadelphia, PA

A new development that aims to preserve the existing building and existing neighborhood's commercial character.

This elegant new addition to the existing Garden Court apartment building completes a handsome residential complex. Built entirely on top of an existing parking garage, it dramatically increases the density on a highly irregular lot, without increasing a lot coverage that already exceeds the current zoning code. Aesthetically, the new addition takes architectural cues from the existing art deco apartment and the historic Garden Court neighborhood. While visually similar to the existing tower, it maintains a contemporary style through refined masonry detailing on the enhanced facade.

The building frames a new private deck that cascades to a fully renovated semi-public plaza on 47th Street, creating a dynamic tiered amenity experience for the residents and community alike. The second-floor apartment corridor, amenities, and fitness area all transition seamlessly from interior to exterior with upper-terrace spaces featuring landscaped stands of trees, social spaces, grills, and a plunge pool. The lower terrace contains community gardens, bocce courts, a dog walk, and a tenant-leased outdoor dining area.