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Catalyst Connector

Bellevue, WA

A feasibility assessment and design vision for a major new pedestrian and bicycle connection to span Interstate 405 in downtown Bellevue.

VIA–A Perkins Eastman Studio led a feasibility assessment and design vision to create a bridge and active lid across Interstate-405 for pedestrians and cyclists. The project was undertaken with partner Donald MacDonald Bridge Architects.

This project completes the City of Bellevue’s vision for a ‘Grand Connection’ from its Lake Washington waterfront through its downtown, creating a multimodal corridor and legible link to a regional trail connecting six suburban east-side cities.

The Catalyst Connector ties Bellevue’s commercial core, city hall, downtown, and a new light rail station together with a park in the sky, serving as both a path and a place. The Catalyst Connector is envisioned as an active, safe, sustainable spine with generous pedestrian amenities and cycling facilities as well as future links from building sites into its parks and open spaces.

As a future high-rise neighborhood, the feasibility assessment recommends how to enable vertical connections from future building podiums to the street, creating a seamless integration with the envisioned park. The proposed bridge design is cable-suspended so it clears the freeway below as well as its on-ramp structures. This prominent element also acts as a highly visible landmark.

This project was completed by VIA prior to becoming a Perkins Eastman Studio.

Project Facts

  • Client:

  • Amazon Development Group
  • Size :

  • 2,300 linear feet
  • Services:

  • Architecture, urban design, stakeholder facilitation
  • Markets:

  • Transportation + Infrastructure
  • Region:

  • United States
  • Studios:

  • Seattle