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Canopy by Hilton—The Stephen Girard Building

Philadelphia, PA

A living tribute to the rich history of Philadelphia, the brilliant renovation of this building creates an environment where past and present seamlessly coexist.

Canopy by Hilton in Philadelphia is a harmonious blend of historic charm and contemporary elegance. Nestled within the iconic Stephen Girard Building, this architectural masterpiece originally built in 1896 seamlessly integrates the storied past of Philadelphia with modern design sensibilities.

This project is the fourth stage of the East Market development, adding a level of sophistication, elegance, and historical context. In line with the Canopy by Hilton’s brand pillar of embracing the local neighborhood and community, much of the new hotel’s ground-floor amenities, including the restaurant and bar, are newly outward-facing, welcoming locals and visitors alike. Its presence within the new surrounding urban fabric is established by restoring and preserving its exterior façades. An architectural lighting design enhances the building facades and provides street and sidewalk lighting for a safe and welcoming user experience.

The structure showcases neoclassical architectural elements, with meticulous restoration and adaptive reuse of the building preserving its historic integrity, allowing guests to step back in time while indulging in the luxury of modern hospitality. The facade’s ornate detailing and classical symmetry pay homage to the city’s rich architectural heritage.

Upon entering Canopy by Hilton, guests are greeted by a lobby that marries the grandeur of the past with contemporary aesthetics. The original marble floors, intricately carved moldings, and stately columns are meticulously preserved, serving as a visual testament to the building’s historic significance. Modern furnishings and chic decor seamlessly integrate with these classic elements, creating a welcoming and sophisticated ambiance.

The guest rooms and suites within Canopy by Hilton reflect a commitment to both comfort and style. Vaulted ceilings and expansive windows frame breathtaking views of Philadelphia, while curated art pieces celebrate the city’s vibrant cultural scene. The design of the accommodations strikes a balance between preserving the building’s historic character and providing guests with modern amenities and luxurious comfort.

This project was completed by BLTa prior to becoming a Perkins Eastman Studio.

Project Facts

  • Client:

  • National Real Estate Development
  • Size:

  • 175,000 sf | 16,258 sm
  • Sustainability :

  • LEED Certified
  • Markets:

  • Renovation + Historic Buildings, Hospitality
  • Region:

  • United States
  • Studios:

  • Philadelphia


  • 2021 AIA Pennsylvania Merit Award
  • 2021 Grand Jury Award, Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia
  • 2021 Finalist, Lifestyle Hotel Public Space category, 17th Annual Hospitality Design Awards
  • Silver Reconstruction Award, Building Design + Construction magazine
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