Tomas Quijano

Tomas Quijano


Associate Principal

“Architecture should speak directly to our connection to places and buildings. I approach design hopeful that our work will be meaningful and have a positive impact; for me, this means every project is a personal challenge to learn more and contribute to this experience.”

Tomas was always curious about how things are put together, and he was first drawn to architecture through model building as a child. As he grew up living in various cities in South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, his interests in architecture only grew, deepening his passion and appreciation for how technology and culture can inform design. Tomas began his career in the mid-1990s, and he has since developed experience across a variety of practice areas, including multi-family, hospitality, workplace, and large-scale mixed-use. Tomas focuses on craft over category, so he leverages talent from many different practice areas to advance each project. His approach is collaborative and emphasizes asking questions, challenging assumptions, and solving design problems in thoughtful and creative ways. Tomas believes this approach engages team members to support and define the project mission, and it helps them grow professionally.

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Tomas devotes the majority of his time in the studio to designing complex projects and identifying diverse talents across the firm to support them. He is constantly looking at new ways to leverage technology in design, and is currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in Robotics and Advanced Construction at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Spain.


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  • +1 (202) 997-1680 | +39 689 384 662
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  • Architectural Association School of Architecture, UK; AA Dipl Hons, RIBA pt II
  • University of Miami; B.Arch
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  • American Institute of Architects