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Sarah Fox



“It’s imperative we not only demonstrate our expertise and knowledge of human health and wellness in the built environment, but that we use it as a vehicle to integrate memorable and distinctive experiences with sustainable design.”

Music was at the core of Sarah’s upbringing. Her Swedish grandfather was a conductor, her aunts and uncles played in national symphonies, and everyone in her household played not just one but several instruments, often in bands and ensembles both in and outside the home. Sarah was headed in the same direction with classical piano—until she froze on stage during a national competition at age 15. She loved the structure of music and how it formed a story with sounds that were harmonious and melodic, so her father told her to think about architecture and how it was the unifier of all the arts—a composition of the humanities. Intrigued, she took a pre-college architecture program at the Rhode Island School of Design and from that point on, she was hooked.

Sarah believes that design, when done right, can evoke emotions and connections that create an authentic sense of the space. Since beginning her career in 2002, she’s developed architectural design experience across a variety of projects that include hospitality, multi-family, and mixed-use lifestyle developments. With a passion for wellness and sustainability, her focus is on responsible and regenerative design that positively impacts the social, economic, and environmental values of our world.

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Sarah prizes a collaborative design approach and applies intensive research from environmental, cultural, and historical contexts as essential tools in the creation of intelligent, thoughtful, and purposeful design. Her design process is inspired by a legacy of artistry in architecture, and she applies technology to traditional techniques and materiality to bring a modern authenticity to all her projects.


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  • Carnegie Mellon University; B.Arch
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  • American Institute of Architects
  • Women in Architecture
  • Commercial Real Estate Women
  • Urban Land Institute
  • U.S. Green Building Council
  • International WELL Building Institute