Rachel Birnboim

Rachel Birnboim



“The patient, staff, administration, and facilities are all users that overlap in the same environment every day. It's critical to listen and understand the needs of each user, in healthcare or any practice area, to be able to properly and efficiently create environments that layer all these varied needs and experiences symbiotically and elegantly.”

Thanks to a lifelong passion for arts and sciences, Rachel quickly realized and was encouraged to pursue her interest in architecture. As the co-managing principal for New York and an active project manager, she’s intimately involved in the lifespan of a project and relishes the process, details, and intricacies that the job entails.

Rachel primarily focuses on healthcare architecture (with a background in multi-family and student housing, K-12, and senior living), and she’s especially grateful to all the members of her project teams. “The most amazing part has been what I’ve learned from everyone – the planners, the designers, the project architects and technical team,” she says. “Each has a very different perspective, and their support and knowledge has been crucial – I continue to learn from each of them as we grow together every day.”

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To Rachel, the firm’s Human by Design ethos is all about collaboration. “This a team sport, so it’s about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to understand their perspective. Working collaboratively, whether it’s with your team, your studio, the company and even with the client, is key—the more we reach out and work together, the better chance we have of solving problems and growing.”


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