Georges Jacquemart

Georges Jacquemart



"I define transportation sustainability as a condition where vehicle miles of travel are minimized and the number of trips made on foot, by bicycle or public transportation are maximized."

Georges’ goal is to create transportation plans that provide convenient and safe conditions for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike; they also need to be efficient, sustainable and resilient, absorbing as little land mass as possible. Georges’ professional interests have always straddled the fields of engineering and planning with a particular focus on enhanced roadway design, safety improvements for all modes of transportation and shaping transportation systems that strengthen the quality of life and revitalization of neighborhoods and downtown areas. His deep knowledge and understanding of the interrelationships of the built environment and transportation behavior, and his many years of working worldwide in vastly different environments, allow him to translate high-level visions into concrete transportation plans that add to an area’s sustainability, resiliency and safety. Georges’ curiosity regarding the relationship of infrastructure design and human behavior brought him to the forefront of new designs such as roundabouts, intersection features for pedestrians, and smart parking strategies.

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Georges loves to develop land-use structures and transportation systems that add value to the firm’s plans and designs and enhance the project’s vision and objectives.


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  • +1 (212) 353-7477
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  • Stanford University, M.S.
    Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, Civil Engineering Diploma
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  • American Institute of Certified Planners
    Institute of Transportation Engineers