Erich A. Burkhart

Erich A. Burkhart



“I am very interested in how culture shapes our buildings and, in the end, how our buildings shape us.”

Drawing on advanced studies of public health and architecture, Erich has helped transform healthcare design, leading the design of some of the most technically advanced medical facilities in the United States over the last 35 years. The son of a doctor and a nurse, Erich grew up on naval bases around the world gaining early exposure to health care practices as well as diverse cultures and architectural expressions. Along with those experiences, Erich’s many exciting travel adventures throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America have contributed to the inquisitive ideology he carries into all of his projects as Managing Principal of the San Francisco studio. Resiliency, sustainability, and patient-centric features are foremost in Erich’s design process, and his expansive portfolio of healthcare environments reflects his commitment to a healthy environment and population.

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Erich has dedicated expertise in designing large scale hospitals and campus plans in California and beyond. He strives to advance Perkins Eastman’s healthcare design excellence with facilities that are humanistic, therapeutic, and incorporate flexible building systems.


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  • Georgia Institute of Technology, Columbia University
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