Christine M. Vohringer

Christine M. Vohringer

LEED Green Associate


“My interest in sustainability was born as an effort to bring social and environmental justice to people living in poor architectural conditions, such as homes without thermal comfort. Today, I feel that Human by Design translates into our direct responsibility to make sustainability a part of everyone's daily life.”

Christine has worked in Europe, Latin America, and the US in different capacities but always linked to sustainability and human well-being. At Perkins Eastman, she works with design teams through the multiple steps it often takes for a project to be fully sustainable. Christine also serves as a liaison between clients and designers, explaining the methods and reasoning behind each sustainable element of the design, absorbing client feedback, and working with the design team to adjust course where necessary and as budget demands. Her role is critical toward establishing a collaborative and interactive relationship between the firm and its clients as they strive to design and build structures that are as sustainable and high-performing as possible.

Christine has collaborated with project teams in Chile, Europe, and the US, providing research on daylight, thermal comfort, energy, and healthy materials like wood. She has presented at several conferences for sustainability and building performance, including the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association and the International Building Performance Simulation Association. She is based in Boston but divides her time supporting sustainability initiatives across Perkins Eastman’s East Coast offices.

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Christine is passionate about collaboration across the firm. She advocates for regular interaction between offices and projects to support their various initiatives, such as Boston’s ongoing Healthy Materials conversations and New York’s Healthy Materials library. She feels that the most sustainable solutions come from the most honest interactions. To that end, she spends much of her time teaching and guiding the use of tools and resources to achieve sustainability, wellness, and efficiency across Perkins Eastman’s offices.


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  • Harvard School of Design; Master in Design, Energy, and Environments
  • Universidad Diego Portales; B.Arch