Andrew Cardinale 1

Andrew Cardinale

Senior Associate

“To design buildings is to see the world from many different perspectives.”

Andrew has been passionate about drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. When he was learning his craft, he focused on perspectives and capturing the world as seen through the human eye. He was obsessed with understanding the different senses and how they could be expressed through art and design. Later on, architecture made sense as a way for him to take those ideas off the canvas and turn them into something real—something people can experience.

Andrew has been practicing in New York City since 2015. Along the way, he’s traveled to numerous cities around the globe to collaborate with his colleagues in other Perkins Eastman studios. With an understanding and sensitivity to culture, he’s able to transport his audience into the design through storytelling, renderings and animations. Andrew currently focuses on College + University projects, but his experience also includes K-12 Education, Healthcare, Sport + Entertainment, and Urban Design. His favorite projects are the ones that have yet to begin. He has a passion for new work and sees these opportunities as a blank canvas.

Our Perkins Eastman

Andrew is a leader who strives to push the envelope for design excellence. As architects, we can easily get lost in the details, but Andrew’s approach to design recognizes the importance of the bigger picture. Every new design is a part of an existing condition. As a firm that strives to positively impact the human experience, it’s important that we’re aware how far our impact reaches beyond the project borders.


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  • Syracuse University School of Architecture; B.Arch