Adam Richards

Adam Richards


Senior Associate

"Architecture is never truly a blank slate; it should always be responsive to the history and context that has come before it."

With a talent for visual art and a knack for math, Adam was drawn to architecture as a way to communicate through drawing and visualization and to bring the built environment around us into reality. During his architectural education, he became especially interested in the relationship between people and the architecture they inhabit—how over time our histories and memories become as much a part of the space as its physical materials.

Adam has a passion for discovering the stories that spaces have to tell, researching the existing contexts that have shaped the space, and letting that history inform the potential for new design. Since starting his professional career in New York City in 2014, he has been fortunate to put his passion into practice with adaptive reuse projects, where a contemporary design and use can bring renewed purpose to an old structure.

Our Perkins Eastman

As a dedicated, collaborative member of Kliment Halsband Architects—A Perkins Eastman Studio, Adam leverages is design and management skills to bring projects to life, from the first sketches to the final coat of paint.


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  • University of Tennessee-Knoxville; B.Arch
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  • American Institute of Architects