Perkins Eastman Figures in ESPN Poll of Top Recruiting Programs

Providence College's Friar Development Center and St. John's University's Men's Basketball are celebrated
Providence College Ruane Friar Development Center

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If there was any doubt that “enticements” such as facilities and school resources were factors in recruiting the nation’s top basketball talent, ESPN puts that to rest in its “Sales Pitch” series polling coaches across the country about what high-school recruits are looking for. We at Perkins Eastman were particularly thrilled to see the glowing acknowledgements for Providence College’s Ruane Friar Development Center.

Providence was voted as high as No. 2 in the Big East poll, just behind the heavyweight Villanova. “Their on-campus practice facility is one of the best,” said one coach. “Providence’s practice facility, it’s almost like an all-inclusive destination you feel like when you walk there. It’s like an SEC football money type of facility,” said another. Add an “active recruiter” in head coach Ed Cooley, and you’ve got a powerful combination.

“These kids like the shiny objects, the new stuff,” one coach remarked, speaking more generally about the recruiting process. And while another of our clients, St. John’s University, got a mention for its proximity to Madison Square Garden as a draw, the new Perkins Eastman-designed locker-room suite will surely add to its allure.

St. John's University: Mens Basketball Locker Suite 2

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Congratulations to these Big East programs whose new, award-winning facilities (as featured in Athletic Business) are awakening the “sleeping giants” of college basketball lore. Perkins Eastman is proud to be your partner!