Yen Vo

Yen Vo



“I believe that architecture and urban design are about imagining a future and making it real. My drive to practice is an unending curiosity to understanding how people of all walks of life coexist, experience, and use the space around them to live meaningful lives.”

Yen is driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore the myriad ways that people experience and use space. She views the built environment as the infrastructure for life and believes that the best design is inspirational, brings joy, facilitates growth, and engenders resiliency, while being experientially sublime. Yen works with clients and design teams to envision the future and bring to life these imagined possibilities. An innovator in method as well as design, Yen embraces technological advancements, adapting traditional techniques to new tools to reveal inventive solutions. She has honed these skills through her experience with a variety of urban design, healthcare, civic, and educational projects, acting as both a mentor and mentee to design staff in the Los Angeles studio and across the firm.

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Yen’s diverse background brings needed depth to the profession and instills in her the empathy needed to find common ground between the teams that put together special places, and the people who enjoy them.


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  • California State Polytechnic University, B.Arch
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  • American Institute of Architects