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"Architecture as a contributor to culture helps ground people’s lives to their sense of place. It has the capacity to make one self-aware, critical, and more demanding as to what makes a good place to live."

Ernesto believes that design has a commitment to strengthening people’s sense of community—it’s inherently empathetic to the everyday aspects of how we live, work, and relax—which in turn makes a productive impact on our civic life. In pursuit of this craft, architects and designers seek to instill a passion for the built environment while limiting its impact on our natural resources.

Collaboration and dialogue are essential skills for designers to achieve these goals, which inspire new ways of looking at our cities and their future. To that end, Ernesto sees a successful process as one in which constant investigation, testing, and critical self-awareness yield a design that can address the client’s current needs and future growth.

Ernesto has worked in New York City as an architect since 1996. At Perkins Eastman, he’s led a variety of project types and sizes, and he understands the skills and focus required at each scale. He’s involved in all phases of the work to maintain its design integrity until the project is complete. Key to it all, he says, is a contemplative and collaborative process based on the willingness to listen and consider carefully before offering design ideas that are as much about the client’s aspirations as they are about our own considerable artistic vision.

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Ernesto insists that sharing knowledge with younger colleagues is a professional obligation that sustains the craft of architecture. At Perkins Eastman, he’s involved in maintaining this professional growth. In addition to enhancing the strength of the firm, he feels that mentoring also helps advance his own continued professional growth because he’s constantly learning from the firm’s emerging professionals.


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  • Cornell University; B.Arch
  • University of Manitoba, Canada;
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