Anders Bjerregaard-Andersen

Anders Bjerregaard-Andersen


Senior Associate

"Urban planning is a collaborative art form—a practice that needs to be as dynamic as cities themselves."

Since the beginning of his career in 2009, Anders has nurtured a strong passion for cities and their complexity. His body of work ranges from visioning and master plans to design guidelines and customized designs for parks and plazas. No matter the scope, he approaches each project with a focus on sustainability, both environmental and economical, but always with the social sphere of urban life as final indicator of success. He’s participated in community outreach and demonstration projects throughout the greater Los Angeles area as well as in Europe.

Anders practiced urbanism in Denmark, Mozambique, and California before settling in Los Angeles in 2013 to tackle the urban problems that define the future of cities. His practice covers a wide range of scales in design, planning and social entrepreneurship and seeks to connect and strengthen communities across metropolitan regions and beyond.

Our Perkins Eastman

In his daily work at Perkins Eastman, Anders is continuously pushing for increased collaboration in the studio, nurturing the creative spirit that signifies our Human by Design approach.


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  • Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture
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  • American Planning Association,
    California chapter
  • Broadway West Los Angeles