Our Design Culture

We listen, learn, and innovate to design for the human experience.
Our Design Culture 1

At Perkins Eastman, we learn by doing. Looking to the future and drawing on our past experiences, we pursue open-minded inquiry and design innovation. Our practice is centered on core values of creativity, humanity, and purpose.

Cross-disciplinary collaboration

We build our studios and project teams to deliver the most thoughtful design solutions. Our culture of continuous learning is underscored by cross-disciplinary teams that bridge design strategy, architecture, interior design, master planning, and more. Our staff works on projects of all scales from strategic planning and conceptual design to project completion and beyond.

Design leadership and guidance

In an open-forum format, team members present project work for feedback and critique. Promoting collaboration and critical design thinking, this activity strengthens our designs so we can better serve the people who inhabit the spaces we craft. Our firm-wide Design Leadership Group connects designers across studios and disciplines to promote dialogue about design and ensure access to proper tools and resources.

Building relationships

To us, Human by Design is more than a philosophy, it’s how we operate every day. In all of our design work, we put the people who will be using the space we create at the forefront of the process. By conducting community workshops, meetings, and surveys and building long-term relationships with clients, we strive to learn as much as possible and design the most ideal environments for all.

An innovative approach

Leveraging data, research, and technology, we make informed decisions that drive high-performance environments. We encourage our designers enhance their skills, and we provide training and share knowledge about emerging tools and trends. Our internal Data Unit group is dedicated to accelerating the firm’s adoption of computational design so we can stay ahead of the curve as building and design technologies shift.

Sustainability and resiliency

Perkins Eastman is committed to designing a better future by enhancing the health and well-being of people, communities, and the planet. Simply put, we believe good design is sustainable design. This mantra runs deep in our culture. Every team member has an important role to play to ensure that our sustainable design thinking is an integral part of the design process for every project, no matter the project type, location, scale, or stage of the process.

In-house design competitions

Every year, we host internal design competitions that foster important connections inside and outside of the firm. Younger staff who wish to further their communication, research, and development skills, receive guidance from principals as they envision creative environments for nonprofit organizations in need of design services. These exciting and meaningful projects bring people from across our firm together to advance design excellence.