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  • Addressing the Challenges for Senior Living 2018 and Beyond

    LeadingAge PEAK Leadership SummitJoseph Hassel IIDA March 20, 2018, Washington, DC

    For leaders in aging services, the need for relevant knowledge is never-ending. In this session, Principal Joseph Hassel will conduct a review of industry trends and the results of research and surveys on the top three issues facing aging services providers. Participants will hear creative solutions being employed to continually improve quality in operations, design, management, and resident/guest satisfaction; learn how single-site and multi-site for-profit and nonprofit providers are addressing the future of their communities; and learn what other market leaders are addressing these topics now and in the future.

  • ENYA Beyond the Boards: Perkins Eastman

    Perkins Eastman and AIANY ENYA CommitteeHilary Bertsch AIA, Mindy No AIA, LEED AP BD+C March 20, 2018, New York, NY

    The ENYA Committee is proud to announce the second presentation in our Beyond the Boards series. Perkins Eastman leadership will profile their firm and design process before focusing on their work at The Wharf Waterfront in DC and City Tech in Brooklyn. The presentation will take an in-depth look at some of the unique challenges faced during the projects. A site tour of the City Tech will be offered the following week. Guests will have an opportunity to view the Perkins Eastman office following the presentation. This program will be offered in place of the ENYA Committee's regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

  • Reaching your Facilities Vision: Lessons from a Flexible Master Plan

    2018 AASSA Annual Educators ConferenceSean O Donnell AIA, LEED AP, Jenny Aleman, Jeff Rosen (Colegio FDR, American School in Lima) March 22, 2018, Quito, Ecuador

    In 2012, Colegio FDR in Lima Peru created a comprehensive master plan for the transformation of its facilities.  As the school moved to implement the first phases, they realized that they had learned from the initial projects and that those projects had also inspired change on the campus.  Learn how the administration and the faculty maintained the vision while evolving the master plan. A Master Plan is a Forward Thinking Guide.  This presentation will describe how aspirational goals can be achieved in a manner that allows for continuous evaluation and response to changing circumstances.  This flexibility will be illustrated through two recent projects that show how Colegio FDR is reaching for its summit.

  • Engaging the Learning Community to Create Interdisciplinary, High Performance Learning Environments

    ECIS 2018 Leadership ConferenceSean O Donnell AIA, LEED AP, Omar Calderon AIA April 7, 2018, Berlin, Germany

    Modern learning environments encourage active, collaborative and experiential learning and inspire a diverse array of learners. Using the planning and design process developed for the new STEAM Centre at BIS, learn about the techniques designed to engage diverse stakeholders in establishing the design goals and vision for a new facility. Learn how to help all stakeholders imagine possibilities to create forward-looking, high performance learning environments by exploring five essential themes: Learning, Teaching, Community, Sustainability and Culture, via collaborative learning methodologies that can help all people to step out of their current experience to explore and implement innovative ideas.

  • Keynote Address: Design of the Patient Experience

    Leaders in Architecture MENA SummitMary-Jean Eastman FAIA, MRAIC, IIDA April 11, 2018, Dubai, UAE

    Now in its 8th edition, Leaders in Architecture MENA Summit is the largest and most prestigious platform dedicated to promoting and advancing architecture industry across the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Committed to boosting the region’s presence on the global architecture landscape, Leaders in Architecture MENA is the only event which brings together the most prominent decision makers from across the world representing the top global firms and architecture personalities to champion the potential the MENA region. Principal and Founding Partner Mary-Jean Eastman FAIA, will deliver the Opening Day Keynote Address.

  • Strengthening Neighborhoods Through Their Schools: Lessons Learned from DC for Urban School Revitalization Programs

    AIA Association for Learning Environments Northeast RegionAnn Neeriemer AIA, LEED AP, Peter James AIA, LEED AP BD+C April 12, 2018, Baltimore, MD

    Last summer, Baltimore City opened the first school built under its $1 billion 21st Century Schools Initiative. As the city embarks on the journey to revitalize its schools, the neighboring District of Columbia is nearing completion of a similar program. This session will present the overarching themes and lessons of the DC school renewal program, illustrating how it created stronger and more resilient communities. A more in-depth look at two projects will examine some of the specific features that engaged citizens, increased community pride, and created sustainable projects for the future.

  • Beyond Memory Care: The Future of Supports and Services for Individuals Living with Dementia

    LeadingAge Maryland Annual ConferenceDan Cinelli FAIA April 17, 2018, Ellicott City, MD

    It takes more than "memory care" to help individuals living with a dementia and their loved ones live fully and well. Hear from several organizations on how they are experimenting with new and better models of home and community based services and supports, and innovative approaches to residential living that holistically support the entire family unit in a variety of geographic locals.

  • Don't Let Competition Pass You By: Proactively Plan Your Development

    LeadingAge Illinois Annual Meeting & ExpoJoseph Hassel IIDA April 17, 2018, Schaumberg, IL

    Discover ways to simplify the project development process by embracing a collaborative TEAM approach; Identify ways to minimize risk, financial resources, time, energy, and manpower to achieve a better project; Learn to develop a collaborative partnership where each member of the project development TEAM has skin in the game.

  • Unlocking the Fountain of Youth: Biophilic Design in Senior Living

    LeadingAge Illinois Annual Meeting & ExpoHillary DeGroff IIDA, LEED AP ID+C April 17, 2018, Schaumberg, IL

    Understand principles of Biophilic Design and learn how to speak scientifically on the topic; Learn how to recognize common experiences that exhibit principles of Biophilia; Learn tools to apply these principles in practical applications in a community.

  • What Keeps You Up Night?

    LeadingAge Illinois Annual Meeting & ExpoJoseph Hassel IIDA April 18, 2018, Schaumberg, IL

    Learn what issues keep providers and consultants up at night, and how they are creatively addressing them; Listen to the panel of experts share their visions for addressing these key issues, their innovative thoughts and strategies for implementation, and how programming and design can offer solutions; Develop takeaways for communities through an interactive workshop sharing ideas and strategies to combat these challenges.

  • How Do You Measure Up? New Ways to Evaluate Project Success

    Getting to Zero National ForumHeather Jauregui, Katie Herber April 18, 2018, Pittsburgh, PA

    High Performance is not only designing a building to reduce the amount of finite resources it draws from our planet, but also designing to improve and support the purpose for which a building is being designed. For a school, this purpose is to provide high quality education for future generations. For residences, it is to support the health and lifestyle of the residents. But how can all of these parameters be measured to get a more holistic picture of a design’s performance? This session will cover the tools that can be used to measure building performance, occupant performance, and ultimately community scale performance to gain this holistic picture of a project’s impact at multiple scales. Attendees will be able to test drive these tools and understand the protocols necessary to get consistent and valuable data.?

  • Centers for Healthy Living: Optimizing Wellness of the Mind, Body, and Spirit

    Environments for Aging Expo & ConferenceClaire Dickey AIA, LEED AP April 22, 2018, Savannah, GA

    In answer to the growing demand for comprehensive and meaningful wellness programs for seniors, a new building typology is emerging called Centers for Healthy Living, or CHLs. These whole-person wellness centers optimize the eight core dimensions of wellness: emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, occupational, spiritual, social, and financial. This session will explain the evolution of CHLs, demonstrate the core elements of the CHL building typology (including programming and design), and identify who is building these facilities and why. See case study examples from both the high-end market and more competitive middle market. Explore the future of CHLs and ways they can drive multi-industry convergence for greater intergenerational success.

  • Stay Competitive: Master Plan Results

    LeadingAge CA Annual Conference & ExpositionLeslie Moldow FAIA May 8, 2018, Pasadena, CA

    For this late-morning education session, Principal Leslie Moldow will address best practices to educate and engage existing residents, board and staff in the process to reach a consensus that supports the future direction of the organization and plan.
    Session participants will further discuss how to ensure that the plan is meeting the targets as determined by the market and that it is financially sound and supports the on-going mission of the organization well into the future. Finally, attendees should understand how the uniqueness of your own community and its issues can generate an exciting new direction that keeps your community competitive in its target market.

  • 20 Years of Innovation: Changing the Culture of Memory Care

    LeadingAge CA Annual Conference & ExpositionLeslie Moldow FAIA May 8, 2018, Pasadena, CA

    For this education session at the annual LeadingAge CA Conference, Principal Leslie Moldow will lead participants in a discussion on the history, importance, and future of person-centered memory care environments. Further, attendees will discover lessons learned and research findings about how the physical environment can support people with dementia, and learn how to successfully implement a specialized program to support people with cognitive impairments.

  • Leveraging Connections: Senior Development in Retail & Cultural Districts

    LeadingAge CA Annual Conference & ExpositionSoo Im AIA, NCARB, LEED AP May 8, 2018, Pasadena, CA

    For this afternoon education session, Associate Principal Soo Im will lead attendees in a discussion about the traditional barriers that have existed between the senior living community and the community at large, and how a mixed-use strategy will help dissolve these boundaries. Further, session participants will discuss ways to integrate the senior living community with the greater community through the development of retail, cultural districts, and inter-generational socialization opportunities, and the possible benefit of cost by forming informal partnerships with local retailers; and finally, look at examples of the latest designs in senior living environments that incorporate mixed-use, retail and cultural districts as part of the overall planning of the site.

  • It Takes A Village: Translating Lessons from a Dutch Dementia Village

    LeadingAge New York Annual Conference & ExpoJennifer Sodo May 23, 2018, Saratoga Springs, NY

    For this education session at LeadingAge NY, Jennifer Sodo will examine the architectural design and operations of emerging models for senior housing and care in the Netherlands, in particular Hogeweyk Dementia Village, located in the village of Weesp. Participants will be asked to consider the regulatory philosophy necessary to achieve environments similar to those in the Netherlands, as well as compare and contrast trends in the United States to those in the Netherlands and identify opportunities to draw from these emerging models.

  • The Rockaways: Building a Resilient Transit-Oriented Community (Tour)

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureEric C.Y. Fang AIA, LEED AP June 20, 2018, Queens, NY

    Explore the Rockaways, the site of a popular seaside resort in the 1800s. After the site was neglected for decades, large-scale development provided the badly needed capital for infrastructure improvements.

    The mixed-use, mixed-income development Arverne by-the-Sea (Perkins Eastman) was among the first private-public partnerships that not only created new residential communities, but also brought roadway and drainage infrastructure, spurring the economic development of the wider area.

    Join this exciting tour and explore Arverne's resilient design features, which helped it survive Hurricane Sandy. You'll also see post-hurricane improvements, including a new boardwalk (WXY Studio) and comfort buildings (Sage and Coombe Architecture). Boxed lunch included. (ET128a)

  • Forensic Architecture: Making of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum (Tour)

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureNicholas Leahy AIA, LEED AP June 20, 2018, New York, NY

    Get an intimate look at the neighborhood that was once the nation's most active immigrant portal. This fascinating tour exposes the literal layers of history that comprise the urban campus of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, a unique civic resource that preserves the buildings and stories of this historic neighborhood. The architects at Perkins Eastman describe their approach to the museum as "forensic architecture," preserving a century-old tenement and revealing the stories of nearly 20,000 residents who lived there from the late 1800s through the 1970s. This tour will challenge visitors to examine the role of architecture and design in enabling history to speak to contemporary audiences. (ET137a)

  • Unlocking the Implementation Conundrum of Resilience Projects

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureAyodele Yusuf, Assoc. AIA June 20, 2018, New York, NY

    What is the "implementation conundrum?" At this session, you'll hear from chief resilience officers (CROs) from three US cities on their respective resilience strategies. The discussion will examine the issues each CRO faces with the resilience projects identified in their respective strategies.

    You'll also explore ideas and key principles to apply toward unlocking implementation of resiliency projects in your own community and practice. (WE109)

  • Building for Density & Affordability: Creating Resilient Equitable Urban Communities

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureTheodore Liebman FAIA June 22, 2018, New York, NY

    As global cities address the need for more affordable housing, little attention is paid to how these communities become socially and economically resilient. Amenities, including education, healthcare, retail, and open space are essential, along with civic engagement.

    Low-rise, high-density (LRHD) housing prototypes have introduced quantifiably better models for urban living compared to "tower in the park" models. Join this session and hear from an expert panel as they examine LRHD models around the globe and discuss the future of affordable housing and resilient communities. (FR407)

  • How Cities Can Get Their Senior Friendly Groove On!

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureRichard S. Rosen AIA, LEED AP June 23, 2018, New York, NY

    The baby boomer generation is spurring a sea change in residential design for older adults. Join this seminar to hear from a panel of national senior-living design experts. You'll learn about the latest developments in age-friendly design, the evolution of housing approaches for seniors, and innovative efforts to connect seniors to their surrounding communities.

    You'll also hear about emerging insights, trends, and innovations in housing for seniors, and learn how these trends dovetail with efforts to create age-friendly cities and communities throughout the country. (SA306)

  • Holding Ourselves to Higher Standards: Healthy Materials Every Time

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureTanya Mejia, Assoc. AIA June 23, 2018, New York, NY

    While architects wouldn't knowingly approve building materials that have negative effects on human health, unhealthy materials are nevertheless available in the marketplace. Therefore, due to cost or convenience, these less-than-ideal materials may end up in use on your projects.

    Join this seminar to explore how architects can commit to going beyond minimally acceptable legal standards and use only truly safe materials on every projects. In this informative session, you'll get an overview of tools to help you meet this higher standard, ensuring all the materials specified and selected on your projects are in fact healthy. (SA102)

  • Imagining the Future of Integrated Facilities Operations at Penn State

    SCUP 2018 Annual ConferenceDavid Levo AICP July 17, 2018, Nashville, TN

    Few groups are on the front line of behavioral, operational, cultural, and technological change as much as facilities groups. Asked to do ever-more, Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) pushes the answer of “how”. Get a rare peek under the hood at how one of America’s largest universities envisions meeting the needs of students, faculty, staff, and administrators through integrated 21st century facilities operations. We will discuss how we re-evaluated current operations, what we learned from other complex campuses, and the new strategies we're adopting.