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  • Women and the Art of Architecture

    Betsey Olenick Dougherty FAIA, LEED AP May 9, 2019, Laguna Beach, CA

    Women have made great progress in this historically male-dominated profession, today constituting nearly half of all students enrolled in accredited architecture programs. Betsey Olenick Dougherty joins a group of other distinguished women architects to share their challenges, their paths within architecture, and what is needed to reach leadership positions in the field.

  • Bathrooms and Kitchens, OH MY! Design Solutions to Support Graceful Aging

    LeadingAge CASoo Im AIA, NCARB, LEED AP May 21, 2019, Monterey, CA

    Bathroom and kitchen designs are often guided by the accessibility design guidelines and current trends in products.  But the current accessibility design guidelines do not address or support the physical challenges we face as we age.  Isn't it about time to take a step back, examine what we know about physical changes in the aging body, and find a design solution that provides a truly supportive and accessible environment? What different ways can we think about the appliances, fixtures, and other supportive devices in their location, access, and clearance to provide friendlier and supportive design solutions to the aging users?

    Perkins Eastman brought together design professionals that cross multiple disciples to discuss and address these exact issues from a fresh perspective and identify both challenges and design solutions that support aging adults in a graceful way. For the LeadingAge CA 2019, this session proposes to engage the larger audience who work and live with an aging population on a daily basis to identify and discuss the issues around the bathroom and kitchen design in a residential setting and compare the findings to those generated from the in-house charrette sessions.

  • To Infinity and Beyond: Boomers and Trends Shaping the Future

    LeadingAge NYRichard Rosen AIA, LEED AP; Jennifer Sodo RA, LEED AP BD+C May 21, 2019, Saratoga Springs, NY

    Is the senior living industry poised to respond to how the world is changing on a bigger scale through innovative technologies, medical advancements, new lifestyle pursuits, changing regulations, etc.? In this session, findings from a Perkins Eastman study will be shared, with a discussion centered on four potential “macro-shocks” to the industry that may come from the convergence of senior living and other industries: Tech-Age, Aging in Community, Third Act, and Paradigm Shifts.

  • A Team Approach to Bringing A Project To Market and Making the Sale

    LeadingAge CALeslie Moldow FAIA, LEED AP May 21, 2019, Monterey, CA

    Join Principal Leslie Moldow FAIA, LEED AP as she examines techniques for gauging the market demand and interest in a senior living campus; identifies the design trends that align a senior living community with future market expectations; and advises on the latest tools to communicate a senior living's brand and vision to the consumer.

  • Measuring the Effectiveness of the “Fourth Place”

    EDRA50BrooklynRebecca Milne, LEED Green Assoc.; Scott Fallick, AIA, LEED AP; Lindsay Fisher May 23, 2019, New York, NY

    Social capital is frequently cited as leading to more democratic and prosperous communities. Approaches to placemaking can improve social capital, whether it is within an office, a home or a social environment. When looking at offices in particular, there is proven value in investing in physical placemaking efforts. Since only 10-15% of a company’s overhead is related to building costs, compared to 70-80% related to staff, it makes sense to invest in these strategies in order to attract and retain staff. In our increasingly knowledge-based economy, the traditional approach to office-based workplace planning is experiencing a fundamental shift to hybridized environments that include elements of social, living and work spaces.

    This presentation will explore Perkin Eastman's research of the “fourth place,” an emerging space typology coined in 2018 by researcher and urban planner Arnault Morisson.

  • Clean Slate Project

    LeadingAge VADan Cinelli FAIA; Jennifer Sodo RA, LEED AP BD+C; Max Winters RA; Claire Dickey RA, LEED AP BD+C June 5, 2019, Norfolk, VA

    Industries and markets are poisted to converge in ways that we have yet to imagine. Many are trying to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate changes that the aging Boomers and those beyond them will bring to this sector. The Clean Slate Project was a year-long effort by Perkins Eastman, co-sponsored by J+J Flooring Group, to explore the senior living market through fresh eyes. This session focuses on the results of that collaborative effort to find those innovations from outside of senior living to help us understand the drivers of change that may come from the convergence of senior living and other industries, or just through inspiration from non-senior living service providers and other market sectors.

  • Play to Innovation: Exploring the Role of Play in Cultivating Innovation

    NeoCon 2019Rebecca Milne, LEED Green Assoc.; Scott Fallick, AIA, LEED AP June 9, 2019, Chicago IL

    Understanding how innovation works can help inform the process of designing spaces that support it. Based on extensive research, attendees will be provided with insights into the role of play in cultivating innovation and learn how to leverage the designed spaces to support innovation. Attendees will learn how and why play has been linked to higher rates of innovation across multiple settings and disciplines, as well as specific strategies that may be applied to create spaces that support and encourage innovative processes and results.

  • Envisioning the City of Tomorrow

    Leaders in Architecture MENA SummitShawn Basler AIA June 18, 2019, Dubai, UAE

    The Leaders in Architecture Summit 2019 highlights the MENA region as a beacon of opportunity for the AEC industry in the years to come. Perkins Eastman Co-CEO Shawn Basler AIA will moderate a group of peers who individually and collectively are working to create the "city of tomorrow."

  • Clean Slate Project: New Directions and New Leaders for Senior Living with No Assumptions

    LeadingAge PAMartin L. Siefering AIA; Max Winters RA June 20, 2019, Hershey, PA

  • Metric Analysis and Sessional Mapping in a Multi-Specialty Clinic Setting

    2019 Healthcare Facilities SymposiumJason Harper AIA, LEED AP; Manjiri Paprikar AIA, LEED AP September 17, 2019, Boston, MA

    With escalating healthcare operating and capital costs, facilities are seeking ways to improve scheduling efficiency and room utilization while providing quality healthcare services in an experiential environment. Restructuring of process, flow, and operations can be a profitable strategy to achieve competitive advantage. In outpatient multi-specialty clinical settings, clinical groups have one common question “Will the allocated number of exam rooms meet our future needs?” This session will examine a case study of a planned outpatient clinic reconfiguration at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center (WHMC), in Brooklyn, NY, to uncover the relationship between space allocation and need projections for multiple clinical specialty groups sharing a large group practice.