Barton Elementary School: Educare Los Angeles at Long Beach / Perkins Eastman

Barton Elementary School: Educare Los Angeles at Long Beach

Long Beach, California
The Barton Elementary School Educare Campus is the first, stand-alone center in Southern California, used as a demonstration child development center that cares for children from birth to five years of age. Educare connects full-day, year-round centers serving at-risk children to help prepare them for future success. With the new facility, the school will provide 191 pre-school students with enhanced opportunities. The center offers socialization, exercise and play, introduction to reading and math concepts, and preparation for elementary school.

Funded by a public-private partnership, the progressive campus was originally designed as conventional construction, but rising costs prompted Perkins Eastman Dougherty to explore an alternate solution, collaborating with AMS Modular Systems to modularize the original design. The choice of selecting a high performance Modular building structure provides a smart solution to the real economic challenges facing California’s schools. When original drawings are compared to the finished campus, this new campus not only satisfies all of the client’s goals; it was DSA approved and then was built in half of the time. Every space is child-centered, purposefully designed to foster the social, physical and emotional growth of children. Sixteen large, open-concept classrooms and a play therapy room occupy three single-story buildings, all connecting to a shared courtyard playground. A two-story Gen7 administration building offers a double-height lobby multipurpose room with 25-foot ceilings, a kitchen, conference room, nurse’s office and parent resource and training center. A single point of entry provides security and oversight.

Studies show the quality of early learning classrooms and the opportunities provided for positive interactions are significant predictors of a child’s future success, and key influencers for the new Educare’s innovative building design.