Los Angeles USD: Monroe High School: Creative Arts Building / Perkins Eastman

Los Angeles USD: Monroe High School: Creative Arts Building

Los Angeles, California
The new Monroe Creative Arts building replaces a fire damaged building that formerly housed the wood shop, robotics lab, media production studio, book storage, and Police Department. This technologically advanced building initiates three new District Standard Educational Specifications for: Robotics, Media Production, a new high-tech Shop, and a Collaboration Room for multidisciplinary and campus / community partnerships.

Specialized instructors have worked with us to develop the program documents and design solution, with District and community input. MCA is a high-performance building meeting CHPS Certified requirements. The Collaboration Room accommodates cross-curriculum collaboration and a destination for education and business to come together with new opportunities for students. The goal is to create a new center of activity on campus, implementing project-based learning as a catalyst for heightened student performance. This new District prototype represents a commitment to the future of innovation in curriculum delivery in a progressive instructional environment.