Perkins Eastman | SAP: Pittsburgh Office

SAP: Pittsburgh Office

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
As the third largest multinational software corporation in the world, SAP develops enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP’s objective for its new office is to construct a workplace that is modern, open and collaborative, one that integrates its employee-base and creates a showcase for its clients, and increase its brand awareness in the regional market to drive talent recruitment and retention.

SAP’s new best-in-class workplace will celebrate its culture, support operations, engage its workforce, and foster innovation. This new facility will accommodate approximately 1,000 workpoints, with numerous amenities and customer engagement spaces generously interspersed throughout. Taking advantage of dramatic riverfront views, the space is located across five floors and is organized to manage the scale of open workplace “neighborhoods.” Distractions are minimized through careful planning of circulation paths, while encouraging cross-department interaction through the strategic deployment of collaborative spaces—pantries, conference room hubs, focus and quiet rooms, training facilities, and other amenities. A dramatic reception and customer demonstration space has been designed for maximum flexibility to support a variety of events. This space is connected by an open communicating stair that leads to a main café, lounge and recreation space, and an outdoor terrace.

The design solution incorporates the “Textures of Pittsburgh,” translating the natural elements surrounding the city—water, valleys, peaks, bridges, and local culture within the workspace using color, patterns, materials, and images. The open staff work areas will have abundant access to natural light and views. Indirect linear lighting fixtures positioned at different angles will add visual interest and provide supplementary lighting while reducing glare. Vibrant colors will accentuate walls and furniture against a backdrop of neutral finishes and materials and subtle geometrically patterned carpet and wood flooring.