ISACA / Perkins Eastman


Schaumburg, Illinois
ISACA is an international non-profit association focused on worldwide IT governance. With a network of more than 140,000 professionals, the company’s mission supports the positive potential of technology through its training and certification programs, opportunities for networking, and knowledge-sharing. When envisioning their new headquarters, ISACA desired a workplace that reflected their brand, increased operational functionality, and encouraged employee engagement and collaboration. To achieve this, our workplace strategists and designers engaged ISACA’s leadership in workshops to evaluate the pros and cons of their existing office. By conducting a cultural survey and several visioning sessions, the team was able to identify and develop consensus on a new strategic direction. Central themes resulting from these sessions emerged—modern, progressive, inclusive, solitary and collaborative, casual, and digital—becoming the basis for the design.  

The new headquarters is located just outside of Chicago’s urban core and includes two floors of office space and a large training facility on a separate level. A new stair adjacent to the reception area connects the two floors and allows for informal, impromptu collaboration throughout the space. By creating neighborhoods, the design decentralizes executive leadership within their respective teams and allows for individual offices to be located inboard— maximizing access to natural light and embracing an open concept.

The space comes to life with various elements of ISACA’s brand reflecting the organization’s dedication to diversity, accountability, and global outreach, while celebrating innovation.

In addition to full design services, Perkins Eastman provided change management services and support in the implementation of new universal workstation standards.