Perkins Eastman | Columbia University

Columbia University

New York, New York
Perkins Eastman is helping Columbia University in its mission to provide a distinctive and distinguished learning environment in many scholarly and professional fields while maintaining its status as one of the world’s most important centers for research.

Teachers College Learning Platform Study
As one of the nation’s premier post-graduate education programs, Columbia Teacher’s College requires high-performance learning environments at the cutting edge of pedagogical and technological trends and that have the ability to adapt to future needs.

Perkins Eastman developed a capital program that will enhance and modernize classrooms for active learning across nearly 650,000 sf. As a part of this program, we designed high-performance classrooms with a modular wall system that maximizes writeable surfaces, supports evolving technologies, and supports different methods and teaching styles. The environmental systems upgrades will enhance user comfort while improving acoustic performance and reducing energy consumption.

Pupin Theory Center
A renovation of two partial floors in Columbia University’s Pupin Hall, a registered National Historic Landmark, to create a new Center for Theoretical Physics, a destination for distinguished researchers, visitors, and students for informal collaboration or quiet individual work. In addition, the Rabi Room—marking the location of the original office of Isidor Rabi, Columbia’s Nobel laureate and physicist—provides a lounge for receptions or seminars.

A muted palette suggesting contemplation and research is offset by ubiquitous blackboards, an indispensable tool for the theoretical physicist. The design features a communicating stair that links the cafe space and group meeting areas with surrounding offices and which aligns with a major pedestrian axis outside, providing south-facing views of Columbia’s historic campus from within the Center.