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Various Locations
Perkins Eastman has collaborated with a nonprofit organization in both its Northeast and Southwest offices to create healthy workplaces, improve team effectiveness, the ability to focus, an overall sense of connection, and workplace satisfaction.

In the Northeast headquarters, Perkins Eastman conducted a series of meetings with employees at all levels to explore conditions of the current workplace and goals for the future. The nonprofit specifically wanted to surround the first and second floor atrium space at their headquarters to position cross functional teams together and position them closer to testing labs to promote greater knowledge sharing.

Given the unique nature of our client’s business and the varied space, infrastructure, and workflow requirements, Perkins Eastman created a custom solution that included more efficient work spaces, quiet space to develop copy, increased connections to lab spaces, flexible conference space, functional support spaces, more transparency, and more access to natural light. As a result, our client is experiencing better communications and knowledge sharing among its staff and higher efficiencies overall.

In the Southwest office, Perkins Eastman needed to identify the physical space and technology that would most satisfy their digital team. We worked closely with the nonprofit, holding workshops with its staff to determine what recommendations would produce the biggest impact and the best results.

Flexible workspace that supports an active work flow was the fundamental user request. Team space and scrum space, communal quiet rooms, informal collaboration spaces, useful meeting rooms, and flexible personal workspace was strategically integrated into an open floor plan. Perkins Eastman also seamlessly included work tools in the design, including flexible furnishings, white boards, digital displays, mobile whiteboards, and sliding felt panels, and maximized natural light and views to nature. All of this helped improve communication and collaboration among the staff and enhanced productivity.