Perkins Eastman | Rocaton Investment Advisors

Rocaton Investment Advisors

Norwalk, Connecticut
A proactive, objective investment advisor to institutional investors, Rocaton’s new office reflects its values, processes, and allows for growth. The design and workplace strategies team worked closely with Rocaton to analyze its culture, operations, and growth requirements, while also providing pre-lease services for multiple buildings under consideration. Program dashboards distilled business and building data—net usable and rentable square footage, floorplate efficiency, etc.—into straightforward graphics to simplify the selection process.

This approach resulted in Rocaton developing a new understanding of its culture—it is a high-performance company where return-on-investment is as important as an engaging, welcoming, and transparent environment. This complements the “softened industrial” design— neutral tones with accent color, exposed ceilings, finished concrete, wood accents, stainless steel, and glass. To achieve this high-end aesthetic within the cost constraints defined by the work-letter agreement, the design team extensively researched various products—finishes and furniture—to meet the budget.

Partner offices are located at the building perimeter. Clear glass office fronts provide complete visibility into the offices, as well as an open office area allowing for generous daylight filtration throughout. Low panels at the open workbenches increase sightlines and collaboration. The furniture system’s reconfiguration flexibility also accommodates growth. Public conferencing is zoned away from the work areas, but ample collaboration spaces are available for staff use. A large communal pantry provides a variety of seating options and can be reconfigured for events and staff meetings.