Perkins Eastman | Assembly Doraville USA

Assembly Doraville USA

Doraville, Georgia
Assembly, Doraville, USA (aka The Assembly) is a new urban enclave comprising 165 acres, located within a former General Motors (GM) site in Doraville, GA, located just 30 minutes by rail northeast from Downtown Atlanta. The “city within a city” development extends from a revitalized Downtown Doraville and simultaneously embraces many districts of its own while providing a variety of urban experiences.

The Assembly is designed around five major principles: walkable streets, integration with nature, high density mixed-use development close to public transit, bicycle connectivity throughout, and convenience and accessibility by car. Key places form the center of each district, which are connected, integrated and enhanced by a series of public spaces, from outdoor cafes and parks to public plazas. The overall development site is oriented to optimize public transit, minimize auto usage, and maximize the streets’ walkability.

One of Assembly’s proposed districts is The Yards, which will comprise film studios in one of the existing GM buildings, with the potential to expand over time. The Assembly master plan was approved in 2015 following the creation of the Livable Community Code, a new zoning distribution that allows for mixed-use development within a flexible marketplace.
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