LAC+USC Medical Center: Campus Master Plan / Perkins Eastman

LAC+USC Medical Center: Campus Master Plan

Los Angeles, California
After successful completion of the new Replacement Medical Center for the LAC+USC Medical Center campus, LBL Architects, prior to merging with Perkins Eastman, designed a master plan for the historic campus. The new campus plan is used as a guideline for all future development of the campus, and the delivery of health care services and health related community programs.
The plan provides an integrated healthcare delivery model that brings together county-operated and community benefit elements to achieve objectives:
• Develop a community-friendly campus that promotes healthy life-styles;
• ƒƒMaximize access to the Medical Center by the community;
• ƒƒProvide educational opportunities in collaboration with schools in the vicinity;
Incorporate on-campus business opportunities to offer employment opportunities in the healthcare area.
As part of this engagement, the team is also conducting an analysis of the expected uses of the existing buildings on campus, their structural condition, and projected life.