Perkins Eastman | Rabat Corniche Master Plan

Rabat Corniche: Master Plan

Rabat, Morocco
At its heart, this master plan concept is intended to honor Rabat’s culture and celebrate its people with an integrated, consistent, and new public space. The waterfront corniche master plan concept proposes a unified composition of the 13 parcels — all connected with a corniche promenade inspired by the Moroccan tradition of weaving and textiles.

This master plan proposal creates two distinct ribbons of development along the corniche: an ecological zone of natural shoreline, dunes, and environmental preserves for ecology and low-impact recreation, and an inland social zone of housing, mixed-use cultural program, recreation, and parks. These are all unified by a grand corniche promenade comprised of a distinctively Rabat-inspired, textile theme paved boardwalk. This master plan both preserves the coastline and its rich ecological natural environment, and employs a strategy that allows new development to harmoniously integrate the existing urban fabric of the city.