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Mayo Clinic Destination Medical Center

Rochester, Minnesota
In an effort to reshape the character, culture, and long-term economic health of Rochester, Perkins Eastman devised an ambitious and achievable master plan for the Mayo Clinic Destination Medical Center (DMC) that will transform the downtown skyline and streetscape, and make Rochester a true destination city. By creating a 20-year multi-phase plan that is market-driven and flexible, the design has positioned DMC to incrementally embrace and leverage the evolving characteristics, demographics, and development opportunities that its hometown has to offer.

The DMC planning process followed no preconceived notions or formula, nor was it fixated on a single point of view. After studying the essential characteristics of each neighborhood, street and place, the design team was able to embrace the complexities that are unique to Rochester. The result is a vision for an integrated city development that will enhance the lives of Rochester’s current citizens, attract new residents, and become a destination city for visitors from across the region and beyond.

DMC’s tagline is “A Global Destination for Health & Healing.” DMC is ideally positioned to be a leader in sustainable design and development for the region, and is fundamentally supported by the decision to invest in the City of Rochester using eight focus areas as its framework: Human Health and Wellness, Community Health, Economic Health, Energy Production and Consumption, Water Consumption, Transportation and Mobility, Materials and Waste, and Climate Health. These eight focus areas outline DMC’s core vision: to create and sustain healthy environments in which to live and work.
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