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Hoboken Green Infrastructure Strategic Plan

Hoboken, New Jersey
The City of Hoboken was among the most severely affected by Superstorm Sandy, seeing extreme flooding throughout the city. Historically the city has experienced regular flooding even in non-extreme weather events. The impact of these events could be lessened if the stormwater management system is made more resilient to flooding. Whereas typical stormwater infrastructure utilizes underground pipes and, in Hoboken’s case, the sewer system to dispose of rainwater, this project focuses more on green infrastructure (using vegetation and soil) and detention basins to reduce stress on tradition drainage systems.
The Hoboken Green Infrastructure Strategic Plan seeks to develop place-based stormwater management and flood control strategies and identify implementable climate adaptation action steps. This plan goes beyond identifying the best management practices (BMP) to reduce stormwater run-off but looks to make recommendations as to where in the city each BMP would be most effectively used and their cost effectiveness.

The Hoboken Green Infrastructure Strategic Plan is one of a series of Local Demonstration Projects undertaken as part of Together North Jersey’s Regional Plan for Sustainable Development. The project is being done in conjunction with The City of Hoboken, Hudson County, North Hudson Sewerage Authority, Steven’s Institute of Technology, Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition, and HOPES Community Action Partnership Inc.
American Planning Association, Outstanding Plan Award (2015)
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