Perkins Eastman | North X Northwest

North X Northwest

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The NorthXNorthwest complex includes a 16-story building featuring 270 upscale apartment units, and 16 new rental townhomes, wrapping around a new, on-site parking garage, in downtown Philadelphia. The materials selected create a timeless and modern look, and the high-rise facades have various layers of metal, stone, and glass that add depth and break down the scale of the building. The new building is attached to the existing tower and reconfigures the ground floor, providing a new light-filled lobby for both towers, new leasing offices, and a variety of ground floor amenities for the residential units. The new tower has a roof-top terrace providing dramatic views of downtown Philadelphia, and the townhomes open to the recently updated public park to the south. The sustainability program focuses on providing livable open space, watershed protection, energy efficiency, and enhanced indoor air quality. The effective impervious cover on the site is reduced by at least 20 percent, thus reducing the discharge of stormwater from the developed site.