Perkins Eastman | Green Ivy Schools

Green Ivy Schools

New York, New York
Perkins Eastman was commissioned to design a series of schools in lower Manhattan for Green Ivy Schools, community-based private schools that emphasize experiential learning. A Green Ivy School reflects the values of its community while promoting an active and engaging learning experience, an international worldview, social and environmental awareness, and thoughtful use of the latest technology.  

The first Green Ivy School facility is a daycare center for two- through six-year-olds located in Battery Park City. With views of the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River, the school design embraces nature as a dominant theme in line with the school’s overall philosophy. Comprised of three zones that facilitate delivery of Montessori educational principles—Practical Life, Sensorial, and Academics—the open learning loft contains two prop boxes, reminiscent of treehouses, that house the more functional requirements of a learning space, including sinks, pantry, storage, teacher station, and a sleeping pod and stage. Overall, the school’s design encourages exploration and learning about nature in one of Manhattan’s most beautiful landscapes.

A second Green Ivy School that will include both Montessori and International Baccalaureate programs is currently under construction on Pine Street in the heart of Manhattan’s historic Financial District. Located within a landmarked building, the school occupies spaces on three floors for grades preK-8 and will provide space for parents. Like its sister location in Battery Park City, the Pine Street School will emphasize through its design the unique philosophy of the Green Ivy School brand—emphasis on community, connection to nature, and collaborative creativity.
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