Perkins Eastman | Winthrop University Hospital Research Building

Winthrop University Hospital: Research Building

Mineola, New York
Winthrop University Hospital’s new translational research building will serve as a gateway to and focal point of the village of Mineola, New York, and a key organizer of the bustling periphery of the Winthrop University Hospital campus. It is a five-story 95,000 sf building designed to further the hospital’s mission of supporting and caring for the community through the research and treatment of pediatric and adult diabetes.

The building will enable information to move from the research environment directly to caregivers and patients; open, flexible laboratories are connected to the clinical research and patient care environments through communal spaces designed to promote chance encounters and intellectual interactions. The open circulation stair, infused with small conversation zones, connects the ground-floor education and community outreach functions with the upper floors while visibly promoting the interactive and health-oriented mission of this translational environment.  

Garden roofs visible from the bridge over the train tracks will help control rainwater runoff and summer heat island effects and provide views and a place of respite for building occupants.