Tata Residential / Perkins Eastman

Tata Residential

Gurgaon, India
The Tata Residential Development is conceived as a true leisure destination with privacy, spaciousness, and world-class amenities. The master plan is designed around a series of interconnected green spaces and paths to create a seamless pedestrian experience tying the entire development together.

The vehicular network has been designed to create efficient connections to existing and future development roads, and minimize overlaps with the pedestrian network. The roads throughout the site incorporate a series of bends and turns, thereby reducing the allowable maximum speed within the development. The well-shaded pedestrian pathways, featuring of variety of native trees, plants, and water features, connect all public facilities and infrastructure to the individual villas.

Two distinct villa typologies have been designed, responding to the lifestyle aspirations of the traditional as well as the modern family type — the courtyard villa and the consolidated villa. The courtyard villas, located on the perimeter of the site, each feature a private green court and pool. The consolidated villas face the public green, with each backyard being integrated into the larger green network. Both typologies feature ample green space, plunge pools, and dense vegetation on the southern facades to maximize the effects of passive cooling.