Bhutan Education City / Perkins Eastman

Bhutan Education City

Thimphu, Bhutan
Envisioned by The Royal Government of Bhutan, Bhutan Education City (BEC) is a destination knowledge community providing high-quality education to Bhutan and the surrounding region. The 1,000-acre venture is strategically located between Bhutan’s International Airport and its capital city of Thimphu. Perkins Eastman is developing the physical master plan and designing the architectural infrastructure for BEC, looking to the fundamental pillars of the country’s Gross National Happiness index—environmental stewardship, maintaining traditional culture, economic stability, and good governance—to root the city in Bhutan culture.

BEC will be comprised of academic institutions at all levels–international schools, vocational education, secondary schools, higher education, professional schools, and research institutions. Institutions from around the world will be invited to participate in this unique setting to provide high-quality learning to a large student base. This new community importantly envisions learning as a life-long activity that occurs both inside and outside the structured classroom. As such, this new city includes a full spectrum of services in addition to education–residential, hospitality, entertainment, sports, health/wellness, recreation, and employment.