Perkins Eastman | Kartal Mixed Use

Kartal Mixed Use

Istanbul, Turkey
This 260,000sm high-end, residential and mixed-use development in the Kartal district of Istanbul is strategically located with excellent transportation access, and views of the Sea of Marmara and other natural features. According to the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkey’s building industry holds an estimated energy savings potential of 30%. Perkins Eastman’s goal is to help Kartal Towers realize that level of energy savings.

The team performed a detailed climate analysis based on the initial design information and weather data available for the Kartal district which has informed the design goals. We determined the optimal siting of each of the buildings based on the wind and solar analyses. The towers are shaped and oriented to work in concert with the prevailing northeasterly winds. The complex is designed for the winds to move smoothly around the towers while the retail podium shelters the club level—creating a peaceful oasis to enjoy the outdoors. As the wind moves around the towers, gentle differentials in pressure aid natural ventilation of interior spaces through the low level inlet and high level exhaust.

With more heating days than cooling days in Istanbul, solar heat gain can help warm the perimeter of the building during cooler months.

The shape and orientation of the towers help to distribute solar harvesting equally throughout the greatest perimeter area in each building. In warm summer months, perimeter overhangs at balcony area help to protect from the season’s steepest sun angles, when shelter from the sun is most needed.

The office towers are clad with exterior metal screens that contribute to general sun shading and heat gain. The design includes a sustainable landscape design with light paving and storm water collection strategies. Other features include planted roofs, demand control, and alternative energy sources. The project will be a signature development for the city and a catalyst for the revitalization of the district into vibrant sustainable community.
Sign of the City Awards, Best Ongoing Residential Project (2017)
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