SUNY New Paltz / Perkins Eastman

SUNY New Paltz

New Paltz, New York
SUNY New Paltz aspires to offer the finest and most intellectually engaging undergraduate education in the SUNY system. Building on a previously completed Site and Landscape Master Plan that focused on improving the exterior spaces of the campus, the Facilities Master Plan documents current building conditions, establishes program needs for facilities, and advances new building and open space design concepts for the future of the campus.

Among the key issues identified in the master plan are the connection of the campus to its picturesque natural setting; improving the arrival and entry “first impression; ” reconnecting the existing open spaces on campus; and enhancing the sustainable attributes of the campus landscape. Academically related goals include providing state-of-the-art science labs, classrooms, and arts and music studios; renovating buildings to optimize space and energy efficiency and optimize campus sustainability; and enhancing student-faculty interactions.