Perkins Eastman | Ningbo Metro Station

Ningbo Metro Station

Ningbo, China
Perkins Eastman designed the Ningbo Metro Elevated Railway Stations for the city of Ningbo as part of a new Metro system serving the metropolitan area. The design consisted of five prototype stations with two- and three-story options along the Yaojiang River.

The stations are designed to respond both to the river and the dynamic nature of the metro system in an emblematic way. On the river side, the facades are urban and iconic in scale. They serve as a visual reminder of the city’s historic connection to the river as its main circulatory system. The facade is opened up to allow panoramic views of the surroundings. On the street side, the Station façade is the key identity for the Metro system. Designed to be human-scaled, especially at the entry, the street façade responds to the streetscape and is intimate in feeling.

The structure for the facade is a distinguishing feature of the design. It strikes a balance between being dynamic while also being balanced and stable. The bowing shape of the structural ribs and their support are dynamically arranged, but they are symmetrical in section.