Perkins Eastman | Nguyen Cu Trinh Center

Nguyen Cu Trinh Center

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Nguyen Cu Trinh Center will become the western gateway to downtown Ho Chi Minh City. This high-density mixed-use redevelopment of a 4.5-hectare site will include residential, office, hotel, cultural, and retail uses totaling 650,000 sm. The development features both large and small retail formats, from a substantial shopping mall and multiplex cinema to intimately scaled, pedestrian-oriented “retail alleys” and a “retail village” that are open-air and draw from the character of the traditional urban shopping environments of Ho Chi Minh City. The ground level plan of Nguyen Cu Trinh Center will be “porous” at its edges, inviting people from the surrounding neighborhoods into the heart of the site—a new civic plaza—which will be the development’s centerpiece.

This project was authored jointly with CZ Studio.