Perkins Eastman | Arverne By the Sea


Queens, New York
Despite an oceanfront setting and several high-profile initiatives, Arverne, at 120 acres the largest waterfront urban renewal area in the US, resisted development for more than 30 years. EE&K’s award-winning design knits together the subway and the sea, creating a unique transit-based beachfront community. The new community’s network of public spaces and amenities include a charter school, a neighborhood supermarket, and a mixed-use main street named Ocean Way. EE&K developed designs for a range of housing types to address different needs, including luxury condominiums and innovative two-family prototypes devised for economic resilience and flexibility. EE&K’s plan incorporated an environmentally sensitive approach toward the site’s barrier-island setting, highlighted by a six-acre beachfront preserve.

The radial plan orients each of the neighborhoods around the previously under-utilized subway station. As the main subway arrival and departure point, the retail transit plaza will be the keystone to the master plan. With its long curved plaza reaching east and west along the new Rockaway Beach Boulevard, the plaza offers pedestrian links to communities new and old. Neighborhood retail provides necessities to the area and creates a town square that acts as the central hub for area residents or for those visiting this revitalized beachfront community.
Queens & Bronx Building Association, Best Design Award (2007)
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