Perkins Eastman | Binghamton University: Appalachian Collegiate Center

Binghamton University: Appalachian Collegiate Center

Binghamton, New York
To provide identity to the new residential community on campus, Binghamton University desired an iconic building that would serve as the setting for a variety of student activities including dining, graduation events, film screenings, and other extracurriculars.

The design team responded with a facility that creates a gateway from the academic campus to a new hilltop residential college. Taking advantage of the hillside topography and the narrow dimensions of the site, the 55,000 sf Appalachian Collegiate Center floats above its prominent location, forming a welcoming portal at the head of a monumental stair. The 500-student dining hall has expansive views of the campus, the valley below, and the mountains. The hall shelters gathering environments underneath, including an outdoor foyer, a café, an amphitheater, and a rock garden—shaded in summer while receiving maximum sunlight throughout the winter. The design of the Appalachian Collegiate Center fosters greater social interaction among students both indoors and out.

This project was completed by the Principals and staff of EE&K prior to merging with Perkins Eastman.