Perkins Eastman | American Embassy School

American Embassy School

New Delhi, India
American Embassy School (AES) is the leading American-based international school in New Delhi, serving 1,450 pre-K through 12th-grade students. In an effort to maximize space and best address increased enrollment without compromising the quality of education delivered, Perkins Eastman was retained for programming and master planning services.

Through application of best-practice principles for space standards and a benchmarking analysis that compared AES with several peer international schools, it was determined that the school should not add any more students in its current location. To address more long-term considerations in concert with the school’s available funds, a phased implementation plan was developed by Perkins Eastman that addressed the most critical issues upfront through renovations while planning for major capital investment projects in upcoming years.

Following the completion of the master plan, Perkins Eastman was retained for programming and design services for the implementation of the first phase. This comprises the creation of new community and learning spaces that promote interaction and collaboration, as well as a new middle school and high school visual arts center.