Perkins Eastman | Shanghai World Expo 2010: Public Event Center

Shanghai World Expo 2010: Public Event Center

Shanghai, China
Perkins Eastman’s competition entry for the Shanghai Expo 2010 Public Event Center (PEC) is a 142,900 sm (1.5M sf) complex facing the Huang Pu River, the city’s major tributary. The PEC will be an architectural icon and a cultural platform for Shanghai.

Three distinct buildings--meeting, banquet, and festival halls--comprise the PEC. There are three entrances with formal public and VIP lobbies, and one for pedestrians with a footbridge to the public panoramic gardens. Above the gardens, a loggia connects all three buildings. With a large terrace, the loggia hovers above the halls, providing gathering and circulation spaces for events, and ceremonies. Lounges offer stunning views of the cityscape. The basement and plinth connect the lower levels between buildings.

Outside, the loggia’s skin is a dynamic urban frieze, responding to changes in orientation and climate. LED tiles behind glass become large, vibrant light murals that broadcast events and allow interaction with the public. The PEC has a small ecological footprint; it collects and generates energy, takes advantage of the river, impacts the environment minimally, and insulates via an “intelligent” skin facade.