Perkins Eastman | High Point University: Slane Student Activity Center

High Point University: Slane Student Activity Center

High Point, North Carolina
The High Point University Slane Student Activity Center is a state-of-the-art facility focused on providing a space for both students and faculty to enjoy activities. Connected to the existing three-story, 44,980 sf Slane Center, the new 44,149 sf addition’s neo-Georgian architectural style reflects the early construction on the campus dating back to 1924 and creates a feeling of tradition and strength. The existing building was renovated to include a welcome center, additional dining space, and a coffee shop. The new two-story addition is a multi-use space that includes four primary program areas: exercise and athletics component including a gymnasium, weight room, and aerobics classrooms; post office; food court; and outdoor swimming pool.

The elements and principles of design throughout the existing campus were the building blocks used to create the new Slane Student Activity Center. The High Point University Campus is inspired by Classical design—a theme echoed throughout the design process to create simplicity and harmony between the old and the new. Perkins Eastman was able to match the vocabulary of the campus architecture by tying into the existing infrastructure of the Slane Center.