Perkins Eastman | Dunan Hangzhou

Dunan Hangzhou

Hangzhou, China
Located in the central part of the Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, on the outskirts of the historic city of Hangzhou, the Dunan Zhihui Lindi property was developed in two phases. Phase one is 80,800 sm above grade and configured in two 100 m high-rise buildings with a connecting podium. The program included a five-star hotel, office space, service apartments, a sports and leisure center with spa, as well as commercial and retail spaces for restaurants. The design used appropriate technology to minimize the building’s impact on the environment and to provide a comfortable environment for the occupants.

Perkins Eastman was commissioned to redesign the façade concept package for the Dunan Zhihui Lindi property. To meet the client’s needs, the architectural design not only looked at the façade but also reconfigured the internal configuration working within the structure as it was built. The exterior design was predicated on strict guidelines set by the client, limiting the use of curtain wall on the building, and focusing on a stone and glass façade expression. As the building massing was set, the team developed designs that delicately articulated the overall heavy massing into a series of planes, thus lending the towers and podium a clear hierarchy from the urban to the human scale.