Perkins Eastman | Capital Steel Master Plan

Capital Steel Master Plan

Beijing, China
Perkins Eastman's vision for the Capital Steel Master Plan transforms the former industrial site into the Green Gateway to the greater Beijing metropolitan area. By extending Chang’An Road, one of Beijing’s most significant boulevards, and creating an internal road system that links with existing city and regional networks, the Capital Steel Master Plan expands Beijing’s urban fabric and establishes a front door from the west.

Organized around an integrated system of diverse but related open space elements, the various parks and open spaces form a coherent and unified network of active and passive recreation opportunities to serve the city’s residents. Endowed with pre-existing infrastructure that pays homage to the industrial history of the area, the Master Plan sought to not only integrate these factories, warehouses, and evaporation ponds, but also imbue them with new purpose and life and to incorporate them into the fabric of new developments as anchors in various neighborhood centers. Mixed-use town centers will anchor the northwestern and southeastern points of the site, with five distinctive sub-centers to activate the site as a whole, which, together with an intermodal transit hub, will transform Capital Steel into a 24/7 destination.