Perkins Eastman | Cairo American College

Cairo American College

Cairo, Egypt
Located on 11 acres in the Maadi district, Cairo American College (CAC) provides an American-based curriculum to 1,400 students from pre-K to 12th grade. The school adopted a new master plan and commissioned Perkins Eastman for the design of Phase II, a new Middle School and Middle School/High School Library. CAC believes its facilities play an important role in the vital progression a middle school student makes toward the more independent learning encouraged in high school. Echoed in the layout of dedicated program spaces organized around a grade-level commons, the middle school years are critical ones for children—significant for the development of their self esteem and their life-long attitudes toward learning and relationships.

The design of the new 8,400 sm (90,400 sf), 375-student middle school reflects key issues for the school: environmental stewardship, connectivity of inside and outside spaces, employment of local materials, Middle Eastern themes, and landscape design as organizing principles. The 2,100 sm (22,600 sf) library’s overlapping program functions as a physical link between the middle school and high school, providing opportunities for peer mentorship as well as generating anticipation for educational growth.