Perkins Eastman | Toronto 2015 World Expo

Toronto 2015 World Expo

Toronto, Ontario
The Toronto Ontario Canada World Expo Corporation commissioned Perkins Eastman to conduct a site and operations plan study for the pre-bid of the Toronto 2015 World Expo project. Taking into consideration critical success factors—creating an inspiring and memorable experience for visitors during the six-month duration, providing a showcase for cultural diversity, and offering platforms for cross-cultural exchange—the study included site plans for each of the three shortlisted sites identified in a previous feasibility study.

In order for the Corporation to make an informed final site selection, full programming and site and operations plans were completed for each of the three preferred locations, followed by more conclusive conceptual designs for the preferred location. Each site was evaluated according to regional, contextual, and operational criteria, including the availability of appropriate land areas easily accessed by multimodal transit and legacy opportunities both on- and off-site.